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The data breach is one of the most common problems in the online industry. People are always accessing the online portal and providing sophisticated information. But do you know more than 1.4 million phishing websites are created per month? And most of these websites are built to get sophisticated information from web surfers. The website always gives lucrative offers to its clients so that they can easily attract new users. At times, the often replicate popular websites to get vital information. To be precise, the users are always trying to steal your identity. Let’s find some amazing ways by which you can protect your identity online.

Always use a strong password

You must use a strong password so that the hackers can’t hack your profile by using the brute force attack. This a very popular technique and it has proven very successful since people don’t want to use a complicated password. Most of the time, they use a simple password which is very easy to remember. But if you follow such an approach, you are always exposed to online identity theft. You never know when your email password will be compromised. Try to use the alphanumeric password since the brute force attack doesn’t work on such a complex password. If required to use a complex password generator and store the password in a secure place.

Focus on social media privacy settings

The social media privacy settings play a crucial to your online identity protection. Most of the time, users rely on default settings. Anonymous users with a fake ID can easily send you a friend request on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And if you accept those requests, you never know how they will use your photos and other sophisticated data. They can easily learn about your daily habits just by accessing your social media profile. Make sure your social media profile is not discoverable by search engines since it increases the risk exposure of online identity threat. So, secure your social media settings since you don’t want to get poked by the anonymous hackers.

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Exposure in SERPs

Traditional search engines are not designed to index profiles based on user priority. By default, the profiles and popular keywords get indexed in the SERPs and the hackers can exploit this vital information. For this reason, many professional data researchers often encourage to use private search engines like Privado since they don’t track the user’s credentials and personal information.

Using anonymous search engine like Privado is more like using Google chrome in the incognito mode. But still it much safes since most of the private search engines don’t rely on cookies. They use a highly secured search algorithm where no inputs are stored from the user’s end. You might have multiple logins to online portals, still, the private search will not cause any security issues. Private search engines are much better in proving sophisticated information to the users by providing an extra layer of security.

Avoid the suspicious links

One of the most common ways by which the hackers get your personal information is promotional emails. At times, you might get a highly lucrative email with a suspicious link. All you need is to click the link and the hackers will gain access to your personal computers. At times malicious software gets installed to your pc with a single click which keeps on sending vital information of the users. Before opening an unknown link, assess its structure. If it seems suspicious consider it as spam.

Only use secured websites

Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Before you share vital information on any online websites, make sure the websites are fully secured. If the websites are capable of dealing with financial transactions, you need to look for public review before giving away sensitive data like credit card information, social security number, etc. And when it comes to large financial transactions, it’s better to avoid the newly developed site even though they might claim they are fully secured. It’s better to play safe rather than losing your identity online.

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