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Benefits of Yoga for Men

When you hear the word ‘Yoga’, what is the first picture that comes to your mind? We are sure that, just like millions of others, you would also imagine a woman doing a stretching pose while on a yoga mat in a peaceful yoga studio.

Well, over the years, the image of yoga has developed in such a way that when people think about yoga, they can only imagine women doing it. It’s hard for someone to accept or even imagine that a man is doing yoga poses. Health is an important factor that affects the quality of life of people. Both men and women should stay fit and maintain a healthy weight throughout their life.

This blog post on the benefits of yoga for men is an effort from our side to help men achieve their health goals. When women think about staying in shape, they choose options like yoga, pilates, and swimming. When men think about staying in shape, they choose options like gym, running, and cycling. Men rarely consider signing up for yoga classes to get fit.

However, the benefits of yoga are not limited to women, as it can work wonders for any person irrespective of their gender. Men can fulfill their health goals smoothly by performing yoga. Currently, yoga studios are filled with females, but they can also get filled with males when men start realizing that yoga can transform their bodies in the way they want. We have shared 7 impeccable benefits of yoga for men here that you must read.

7 Benefits of Yoga for Men: Why Men Should Do Yoga?

Benefits of Yoga for Men

The majority of the men feel hesitant when it comes to attending yoga sessions, whether offline or online. They believe that yoga is a quite feminine activity. Another reason why men prefer to stay away from yoga is that they want to build muscles.

So, they prefer to visit a gymnasium rather than a yoga class. While yoga might not help you build biceps and triceps, it can provide you with some other amazing benefits. Once you learn about them, we are sure that it would be difficult for you not to start attending a yoga class. Let’s have a look at the 7 impeccable benefits of yoga for men.

Prevention of Injuries

As you already know, yoga involves several types of poses. The level of complexity may vary from one pose to another. Some poses are extremely simple, whereas others are quite hard. If you are someone who is always scared of getting injured, you can do simple yoga poses.

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Benefits of Yoga for Men
Image Credit: Men’s Health

Moreover, as a beginner, it makes complete sense to start with easy poses. You can even get rid of the pain and discomfort, if you have any, due to past injuries. Yoga can help you get relief from the pain you might be feeling from sore muscles and joints.

Increase in Strength

If you remember, we have mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs that yoga cannot help you build biceps and triceps. But yoga can increase the strength of your muscles. It can also increase the strength of your bones. In order to get into any yoga pose, you need to perform a series of movements.

When you do a yoga pose daily for some weeks, the repetitive movements will strengthen and tone your muscles. Your muscle tone becomes longer and leaner when you try to retain a yoga position. Practicing yoga regularly can strengthen the muscles of your arms, legs, back, and core. It can also improve your overall bone health. These are wonderful benefits of yoga for men.

Enhanced Flexibility

It’s a known fact that yoga and flexibility are closely related to one another. A person with a flexible body can do yoga poses easily and quickly compared to a person who does not have a flexible body. This point discourages many people from doing yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Men
Image Credit: Intelli Fit

But you should not get discouraged as it goes two ways. Just like flexibility can help you achieve and maintain yoga positions swiftly, continuous practice of yoga can enhance the flexibility of your body. The stretching and movements in yoga make your body flexible over time.

Improvement in Digestion

Improved digestion is one of those benefits of yoga for men that are understated. Yoga can remove toxins from your body, as various yoga poses massage the organs in your digestive system. As a result, the food passes through the system properly.

In today’s time, a large number of people suffer from digestive issues owing to their food choices and lifestyle. Yoga prevents constipation and bloating. It can also increase blood flow and oxygen delivery. You can perform yoga poses that can lead to a healthy digestive system. Poor digestion is a root cause of many diseases. You can keep such diseases at bay and live a healthy life with the help of yoga.

Reduction of Stress

Along with physical health, yoga is also good for your mental health. Yoga can reduce levels of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone of your body. It regulates metabolism, immunity, and many other critical processes in your body. High levels of cortisol can damage your health. They can increase the risk of health issues, such as autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

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Benefits of Yoga for Men
Image Credit: MensXP

Thus, the fact that one of the benefits of yoga for men is a reduction in cortisol levels is enough to compel males to give yoga a try. Yoga can help you manage stress more effectively. It can make you feel calm and relaxed. You can boost your energy and uplift your mood instantly by doing yoga.

Increased Body Awareness

The whole purpose of yoga is to make people aware of their bodies. Yoga practice on a regular basis can help you understand how different parts of the body are positioned and connected. You will learn about the functioning of each part of your body.

While doing movements and achieving yoga poses, you have to pay attention to them. You tend to focus on every part, muscle, and joint. Gradually, your awareness of your body increases. When you become mindful of your body, you become mindful of every activity related to it. You eat food mindfully, and thus, you don’t overeat. As a result, you can experience weight loss and improvement in concentration.

Better Sexual Performance

One of the great benefits of yoga for men is that it can lead to better sexual performance. As we have explained in the previous benefits, yoga can increase the overall strength and flexibility of your body. Due to a strong and flexible body, your sexual performance gets enhanced. Yoga decreases your stress and anxiety, and so, you can feel relaxed when being in bed.

Benefits of Yoga for Men
Image Credit: Men’s Yoga Journal

Feeling relaxed is important to perform well, get pleasure, and achieve orgasms. Moreover, as yoga increases your body awareness, you engage in sexual activities with more confidence and clarity. Various aspects of sexual activity, viz., desire, performance, erection, satisfaction, orgasm, and ejaculation, become better.

In your daily life, you carry out numerous tasks, each of which affects your body and mind. The repetitive movements of muscles cause muscle tension. On top of it, as this is a competitive era, you might be suffering from chronic stress. When you do yoga, you shift your attention from worldly affairs to your body. So, you attain certain qualities like mindfulness, simplicity, and peace of mind.


In earlier times, yoga was predominantly practiced by men. Although the situation has changed today, yoga is equally beneficial for men as women. We have shared the benefits of yoga for men in this blog post so that men can get inspired to attend yoga classes. You can watch videos or attend one-on-one online sessions if you feel shy about doing yoga in front of others or can’t manage time to visit a yoga studio.

Priya Bhagtani