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Melissa McCarthy Net Worth

Melissa McCarthy is one of the highest-paid actresses in America. We often see her name in “The New York Times” and “Times” magazines as one of the best actresses and influential people. Her success is evident to us, so we may think, What is Melissa McCarthy net worth?

Well, this actress and comedian has a net worth of $90 million. Her other works as a screenwriter, producer, and fashion designer, also put a portion in her net worth. Besides, Melissa has a net income every year, monthly basis, and from business endeavours. Now let’s see how this celebrity manages to earn a high net worth.

Who Is Melissa McCarthy?

Melissa McCarthy, also known as Melissa Ann McCarthy, is a renowned actress, comedian, fashion designer, producer, and screenwriter. She earned many achievements, like the “Primetime Emmy Awards” and many accolades. Besides, she is on the list of the most influential persons in the world. Some of her great works were in “Charlie’s Angels,” “Disney’s The Kid,” “The Life of David Gale,” “Identity Thief,” and so on.

What Is Melissa McCarthy Net Worth?

Melissa McCarthy, the renowned actress and comedian has a net worth of $90 million. She has given more than 20 years to the industry. Her hard work and appearance have helped her earn millions. For instance, she earned $33 million only in 2015. Then in 2016 and 2017, she earned $18 million. From her films, she gets more than 30 million and her shows pay her more than $20 million.

Melissa McCarthy Net Worth

Reports say that Melissa McCarthy has been successful in achieving a higher net worth. It means her net worth is increasing year by year. In 2021, her net worth was $88 million; in 2022, it became $89 million; and now in 2023, her net worth is $90 million. Hopefully, Melissa will show a higher amount in the next year.

Sources Of Melissa McCarthy Net Worth

Melissa’s most of her net worth includes her earnings as a comedian, screenwriter, voice actor, and producer. However, she earns around $33,206,625.00 per year, $2,767,218.75 per month, and $638,588.9 per week. Again, she got $14 million for the Ghostbusters, $500,000 for The Little Mermaid, $6 million from bridesmaids, and so on.

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For each film, she charges between $12 million to $25 million. Besides, she gets $25 million for each show and $15 million from her business endeavours.

McCarthy’s real estate assets also play a pivotal role in her net worth. She has an Atlanta mansion that is worth $4.9 million, a penthouse in Manhattan that is worth $2 million, and many more. Besides, she owns a Range Rover that costs $226,500. All these factors contribute to Melissa’s possession.

Early Life

Melissa’s real name is Melissa Ann McCarthy. She was born on August 26, 1970, and her birthplace is Plainfield, Illinois. Her father, Michael McCarthy was a teacher and belongs to Irish descent. Her mother, Sandra McCarthy was a housewife, and belongs to German, English, and Irish descent. Melissa’s cousin, Jenny McCarthy, is a famous model and actress.

Melissa used to go to St. Francis Academy where she completed her primary studies. Then she joined Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

From an early age, Melissa used to participate in standup comedy.


McCarthy started her career as a stand-up comedian in New York City. Then she performed in the Wigstock festival as a drag queen. Later on, she appeared on television. Her first series was “Jenny,” where she appeared with her cousin Jenny McCarthy. After that, she worked for “The Third Wheel,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” “Drowning Mona,” and many other films. Then she appeared in a comedy series, “Kim Possible.”

McCarthy also worked in a comedy-drama series, “Gilmore Girls” as Sookie St. James. In 2007, she was cast in a thriller film, “The Nines.” Besides, she worked in comedy films like “Pretty Ugly People,” “Just Add Water,” and many more. In the same year, she worked for a sitcom, “Samantha Who?”

Melissa arrived as a guest in “Private Practice” and “Rita Rocks.” Her supporting roles were in “Life as We Know It” and “The Back-up Plan.” Then in 2010, she played the lead role in “Mike & Molly.”

Career Growth

Ann got recognition after she appeared in “Bridesmaids,” which was released in 2011. This comedy film helped her achieve many awards and nominations.

In 2012, Melissa worked as a host on “Saturday Night Live” and as an actress in “This Is 40.” Then she wrote a comedy film, “Tammy” with “Ben Falcone.” Also, she played the lead role in “St. Vincent” by Theodore Melfi. Her other pivotal role was in the film “Spy.”

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Melissa McCarthy Net Worth

In 2016, Melissa worked for “The Boss.” Her role in “Ghostbusters” gave her much fame. She received the 43rd People’s Choice Awards as a comedian. In the same year, Melissa recorded “Anything You Can Do.” Then she appeared as a White House Press Secretary in “Saturday Night Live.” She also promoted Kia Niro for which she starred in “Super Bowl LI.”

Melissa was the producer of “Life of the Party” and “The Happytime Murders” in 2018. Afterwards, she appeared in a drama film, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

In 2019, Melissa’s lead role was in “The Kitchen,” and the next year, she appeared in the film, “Superintelligence.” Her other films are “Thunder Force,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “The Starling,” Besides, she appeared in series like “God’s Favourite Idiot” and “Nine Perfect Strangers. ”

Melissa’s upcoming film is “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story,” and her co-star is Jerry Seinfeld.

Personal Life

McCarthy dated Ben Falcone and married him in 2005. Now, they have two children, they are Georgette and Velvet. They both starred in the film, “The Boss,” in 2016.

Ann’s husband has appeared in many films, like “Identity Thief,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Nine Perfect Strangers,” and many more.

Awards And Nominations

McCarthy was nominated for the “Critics’ Choice Movie Award,” “BAFTA Award,” and “Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress” for her role in “Bridesmaids.” In 2015, she was again nominated with the “Golden Globe Award” for her role in “Spy.”

In 2018, she received the nomination for the “Golden Globe Award,” “Critics’ Choice Movie Award,” and many other awards for her movie, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” Then she got the “Montecito Award,” “Comedy Award for Best Comedic Actress,” and “MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance.” So far, Melissa received 31 awards and 107 nominations.

Frequently Asked Questions On Melissa McCarthy Net Worth

How old is Melissa McCarthy?

Melissa was born in 1970. So now, in 2023, her age will be 53 years old.

What is Melissa McCarthy’s height?

McCarthy is 5 feet, 1 inches.

What is Melissa McCarthy’s nationality?

McCarthy belongs to the United States of America.

What is Melissa McCarthy’s salary?

Melissa’s salary is $33,914,875.00 which she earns per year.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Melissa McCarthy net worth. She owns around $90 million. It’s hard to say the exact net worth of celebrities as they are involved with business and investments. Meanwhile, Melissa has involvement with fashion lines and real estate properties. So it’s obvious for her net worth to fluctuate.

Doesn’t matter what Melissa McCarthy’s net worth is, she is always going to be our favorite. Her roles in “Bridesmaids,” “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” and other movies are still eye-catching to her fans. We are waiting for her to show us a higher net worth in the upcoming year.


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