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mirchi bajji

Having surrounded by so many dishes around us, we forget the real ones. There is always that one special dish that everyone likes. No one can say no to it. Mirchi Bajji is among one them. You must have eaten it somewhere or seen it somewhere. Might have recognized it or not. But if you have eaten it before or have eaten it at least once, the taste of it would still be on your tongue.

It is one of those specials to which you can never say no to. But where is it originally from? That is not so well known. But what is known is that Mirchi Bajji is seen mostly in the southern part of India, like Karnataka and Andhra. Even though the other southern states also have this recipe, the most known is in these two places. And everyone visiting these places or are staying in these definitely has it.

mirchi bajji

What is Mirchi Bajji made of?

From the name itself, it can be understood that this fry is made of green chilies. But these green chilies are not the normal ones. These are a bit bigger in size than the normal ones that we use in our daily food. So, before making the Mirchi Bajji, they make a cut in between the chilies and get all the seeds out of it. Then the spiciness of the chilly goes away.

There’s a batter prepared out of Besan along with different aromatic masalas, and the chilly is dipped into it. Deep frying that batter with green chilly gives Mirchi Bajji for you to eat and enjoy the taste.

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mirchi bajji

Is Mirchi Bajji Spicy?

It varies from person to person and the spiciness that they can bear. For some people, a little bit of spiciness can max them out. But originally, Mirchi Bajji is so made that the spiciness gets cut out. This is because, before itself, the seeds of the chilly get separated, and lemon is added to bring some changes in the taste. So, a little bit of spicy sensation can be there, but this type of fry is not supposed to be spicy.

What is the price of Mirchi Bajji?

It is one of the cheapest dishes that you can actually avail. It will only cost up to 10Rs and a maximum of 15Rs. Of course, this is the price for only one piece of Mirchi Bajji that you get to eat by paying this small amount. But it is rarely seen that someone will be charging more than 10rs for Mirchi Bajji.

When is the best time to eat Mirchi Bajji?

There is no specific time to eat this delicacy. You can eat whenever you want or wish. No one will be saying anything. But sometimes during the rainy season, you would like to eat something fried. At that time, many people will opt for eating Mirchi Bajji. This is because it is deep-fried and goes along with the seasonal change.

mirchi bajji

What should we eat or drink with Mirchi bajji?

There is nothing specific to eat with Mirchi Bajji. But you can always try out some kind of chutney and dip the superbly tasty fry in it and try eating. It gives you an amazing taste.

Some people, tend to eat this recipe along with tea. The masala tea gives a different flavor to the Mirchi Bajji, and people tend to enjoy that.

If you haven’t tried both chutney and tea along with Mirchi bajji, you should try it out soon.

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Can Mirchi Bajji be prepared at home?

When guests are coming over, you can easily prepare Mirchi Bajji at home as well. You just need to follow the respective recipe, and following that step by step, your recipe will be done.

  1. Get some green chilies and wash them properly.
  2. Drain out the water and let the chilies dry.
  3. Then make an incision in between the chilies and get rid of the seeds.
  4. Keep the chilies aside now and make preparation for the mixture to di the chilies in.
  5. Mix besan, turmeric, ajwain, cornflour, red chili powder, salt as well as ginger garlic paste.
  6. Then, add in water until a smooth textured batter is prepared.
  7. Now in a pan, add some oil and let it heat for some time in high flame.
  8. After that, put the chilly in the batter one by one and dip it nicely.
  9. Put it in the cooking pan and then let it deep fry but in a medium flame
  10. Now take the this bajji out and soak out the oil using tissue or cooking paper.
  11. Then serve this bajji with chutney and tea together.

Things to remember while preparing This Bajji

There are not many things that you need to keep ahead of. But it would be best if you remember these while preparing Mirchi Bajji. They are:

  1. The batter or the mixture of the besan should not become too thin; otherwise, it will not stick with the chilies.
  2. Always check for the flame as frying the chilies in a high flame can burn them completely.
  3. You can add lemon to the incision you made to get rid of the seeds. Lemon can enhance the taste.

Final Thoughts

Mirchi Bajji should be tried by everyone. It is for sure that you will also fall in love with it and then will eat it again and again. It is quite natural to happen. But now you know all that you need to know about this delicious recipe. If you haven’t tried till now, then do not wait anymore. And get yourself the taste of this fried food. Share with those who want to know about the chilli Bajji!

Vikram Deo