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namjoons sister

Namjoons sister: Naamjoon and the Korean boy band he is a part of, BTS is now one of the most popular and successful bands in the world. They have fans, also known as armies all over the world. Naamjoon, also known as RM is the leader of this band, and he is excellent at leading the boys. The talent of Naamjoon and the entire band needs no introduction. Their songs always rank on the charts and have millions of views and steam.

While a lot of people know about Naamjoon, do they know that much about Namjoons sister. Yes, the beloved RM of BTS has a younger sister. Not much is known about her since her brother likes to protect her from the media. But if you ate interested in knowing about her, keep reading.

Who is Naamjoon?

Naamjoon, whose full name is, Kim Naam-Joon, is the leader of the boy band, BTS. He is a South Korean songwriter, rapper, and music producer. And is also lovingly known as, RM. Naamjoon happened to be the oldest of all the BTS members at twenty-seven years of age. Growing up, he had excellent grades, but he was also passionate about rapping from childhood and thus chose it as a career later. Besides, Naamjoon is the only one in the group who can speak English fluently. He is seen to make impressive speeches in English wherever required.

namjoons sister

Who is Namjoons sister?

Naamjoon is the older of two siblings. His young sister is, Kim Kyung Min. Armies all over the world are always eager to know more about their idols. So, it is no surprise that they want to know more about Kyung Min as well. Besides, knowing about the sister-brother relationship, makes armies relate to Naamjoon more. They get to see him as a brother too. But Naamjoon is very protective of his sister and tries to keep her away from the media. Thus, very less is known about her. But in this article, we will try our best to tell you about Naamjoons sister, her age, personal life and education, appearance, profession, social media life, and relationship status. If you are eager to know about the person everyone is eager to know about, keep reading.

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namjoons sister

Namjoons sister age

Kim Kyung Min is the younger sister of Naamjoon. She is twenty-five years of age as of 2022. According to sources, her birthdate is 13th June 1997 thus making her a Gemini.

Namjoons sister personal life and education

Kim Kyung Min was born in Ilsan-gu. And reportedly has spent all of her life there. Information about her parents’ names is not revealed. And that is most probably because of Naamjoon’s profession. As much as the man is loved, there are people who constantly try to invade his privacy and get in touch with his family. It is no surprise that the Information about their parents has been kept private. We only know that Kim Kyung Min’s mother works in real estate and her father works in the telecom industry.

Kim Kyung Min is also known to have a very good bond with her brother, Naamjoon. They are not really seen together but once a few messages between the brother-sister duo were shared by Naamjoon where it was seen that Naamjoon was proud of his sister’s performance on an English test. Naamjoon once said that he’s too protective of his little sister to introduce her to anyone in the band except Jimin.

It is not confirmed which school Kim Kyung attended. But as Naamjoon attended Apgujeong High School, it is speculated that she attended the same school. When it comes to further studies, Kim Kyung Min attended an American public university.

namjoons sister

Namjoons sister appearance

While Naamjoon is considered to be one of the most attractive men on the planet, his sister is beautiful as well. The beauty gene clearly runs in the family. Kim Kyung Min is tall at 5’5”. She has beautiful black her that shapes her even prettier face. Her eyes are dark brown.

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Namjoons sister profession

Kim Kyung Min might have a very successful brother, but she is talented as well. She might be famous for being the sister of a k-pop star, but the woman is doing very well in her life too. She is reportedly an artist, sketcher to be precise. Not much is known about her projects, but we are sure that the family is proud of their youngest member.

Whether is a family talent is unknown, but Kim Kyung is a talented musician as well. She often posts about her musical events on her social media. And from the looks, of it, she’s wonderful at the things she enjoys.

Namjoons sister social media life

Unlike family members of a lot of famous artists, Kim Kyung Min has a public Instagram account. And the beautiful and talented artist has almost 20k followers on her account. She posts pictures with her friends and of her various experiences. Although she is careful to not share too much about her family that might risk things.

Namjoons sister relationship status

Since very less is known about her, we can neither confirm nor deny that she’s in a relationship. Some sources claim that Kim Kyung Min is single while some claim that she has a boyfriend. However, sources claiming she has a boyfriend do not have any names yet. But as there are many speculations without any proof, we are uncertain of her relationship status. Kim Kyung Min has never herself confirmed or denied anything about her relationship status as well.

Final Thoughts

This is where we will conclude our article about Namjoons sister, Kim Kyung Min. We hope to have given you good information about Namjoons sister age, personal life, education, appearance, social media, and relationship status. She is a beautiful person who has an amazing relationship with her brother and family. If you want to know more about her, we recommend you follow her on Instagram.

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