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Great artists Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the animated or cartoon television series South Park in 1997. Set in the fictional Colorado town of the same name, the series follows the misadventures of four young boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and their attempts to navigate the highs and lows of childhood, including bullies, school projects, family, religion, pop culture, and more. 

The series is known for its controversial subjects, often aiming at societal taboos and ridiculing topics such as politics, health, and religion. South Park has since become one of the most successful and longest-running animated TV series, and its influence can be seen in many subsequent shows in the same genre. Hence, we will stand as your guide to knowing the series and the characters better.

Top 5 Best Characters in South Park

1. Stan Marsh 

Stan is the stereotypical all-American kid in South Park and is typically seen as the most level-headed and responsible character in the show. Despite his young age, he has a good moral compass and stands up for his beliefs. 

His friendship with Kyle is often a focal point of the show, as the two constantly butt heads, but Stan has an unwavering loyalty to his best friend and ultimately sticks up for him no matter what.  

Aside from that, he’s an intelligent, sensitive, and compassionate young boy who tries to do the right thing. He is friends with Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Kyle Broflovski. Stan often finds himself caught between the antics of his friends and his attempts to be a good person. 

He is the most normal and moral of the four boys. Stan is often portrayed as a curious, observant, and kind-hearted individual who often stands up for what he believes in.

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2. Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is the antithesis of Stan and the source of many of the show’s most outlandish and outrageous moments. He has no regard for any moral code, and his sociopathy is often the source of conflict within the series. 

His rivalry with Kyle and his mean-spirited take on South Park culture frequently lands him in trouble, but his unique humor and sharp wit make him a fan favorite. Eric Cartman is the primary antagonist in South Park. He is an overweight, foul-mouthed fourth grader known for his insulting and intolerant attitude towards everyone around him. 

He is highly discriminatory, intolerant, and selfish, prone to pranks that often involve manipulation, deception, and violence. He is known for holding extreme opinions, casual bigotry, manipulative behavior, and an inflated sense of self-worth.

3. Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is Stan’s best friend and serves as the show’s conscience. His strong sense of morality and devotion to his family and friends often puts him at odds with Cartman. He typically serves as the voice of reason in the group and dispenses wisdom beyond his years.

He is a smart, moral, and sometimes emotional boy, often seen wearing a green ushanka and a white and orange jacket. He is Jewish, often the butt of jokes for his classmates. Kyle is also often seen as the group’s conscience, always trying to convince his friends of the wrongness of what goes on around them. 

Despite his occasional frustration at the antics of his peers, Kyle remains loyal and determined to do the right thing, often standing up for what he believes in.

4. Kenny McCormick

Kenny is Stan and Kyle’s third best friend and is known for his frequent deaths and resurrections. His impoverished lifestyle and outrageous behavior often get him in trouble; unlike his friends, Kenny generally could be more vocal in expressing his opinions and values. Despite this, he has a deep friendship with Stan and Kyle.    

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Kyle is the third main character of South Park and is often the most outspoken of the kids. He has a strong moral code and sense of justice from his Jewish faith. This often leads him to stand up to Cartman’s misdeeds and lead the other kids to make the right decisions. 

He is also known to be the smartest of the group, and his clever use of sarcasm and wit often make him the most entertaining to watch.

5. Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison is one of the main teachers at South Park Elementary and is known for his bizarre behavior. He’s been known to use drastic methods to teach his students and often gets in trouble with the school board. 

He’s also shown to be a cross-dresser due to his extremely low self-esteem. Despite these flaws, he is still a great teacher who cares deeply for his students. This character is the fourth-grade teacher at South Park Elementary School and is typically portrayed as eccentric, overly emotional, quirky, and unstable. 

Throughout the series, Mr. Garrison has been used as a source of comic relief and a social commentator on various issues, particularly politics and sexuality. His catchphrase is, “Oh, my God, they killed Kenny!”

Final Thoughts

Overall, South Park is a great series because it offers a unique blend of social commentary, dark humor, and intelligent satire. The characters are interesting, and the storylines unpredictable, providing viewers a fresh and entertaining television experience. South Park has a great cast of hilarious and endearing characters, making it a wonderful way to spend an evening.

South Park is an incredible television show that is enjoyable for viewers of all ages. It employs a unique art style and complex storytelling and features many entertaining characters. The show deals with various political, social, and cultural issues, mocking and satirizing the topics unforgettably. 

Besides, it has earned critical acclaim for its writing, showcasing commentary on several modern issues in a hilarious and thought-provoking manner. Whether you’re looking for a classic laugh, political insight, or a show you can watch with your friends, South Park has something for everyone.