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In a world of digital media and social platforms, any business that is hoping to make it out there has to invest in cyberspace. It’s no secret that people spend huge bulk of their time on different applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. That is where you need to target them to advertise your product through your site. The importance of your website cannot be expressed in words, because it’s what people will see of your brand and your business, so it has to be perfect. This starts with the design of the website, which needs to be simple, easy to follow and navigate through, and digestible. Unfortunately, even if you have a flawless design, that won’t matter if your web host provider is weak, because that will ultimately lead to a poor user experience. 

Why it is important to have a good web hosting provider

1. So your website would be available when you need it

Let’s face it, no business wants to pay a lot of money. But if you pay dimes just get the website up and running online, you can rest assured it will not be around when you really need it. In fact, it’s a safe bet that the site will be offline more times than it is online. Your website suffers if the web hosting provider is poor and not reliable. You need your site to be online 24/7, because you don’t know when your target users will visit. So, it’s always best to find the best web host provider your money can get. 

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2. User experience

Other than the website actually being online, you need the user experience to actually be good for your users to stay on the page. The quality of your provider is the main factor determining the quality of your site. It’s especially noticeable when it comes to loading speed. A poor web host provider has poor hardware or too many clients on one server, which in either case will reflect on your own site when users take minutes to load your page. Naturally, no one would wait around for it to load, which is very bad for business. 

3. Finding a good web hosting provider is good for google rankings

At the end of the day, you want people to find your website, which means you’re looking to rank high on Google rankings. You have to bear in mind that those rankings take into consideration the quality of your website and the user experience, which means that choosing a bad provider would hurt your business, a lot.

How to choose the best web hosting provider


There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before selecting your web hosting provider. Security comes first on that list, because the safety of your data and that of your clients comes first. You need to check the credentials of the provider and how legit they are. According to  Mangomatter Media’s review of different web hosting providers, they evaluate based on security and several other factors and find that just because a provider may be offering their services for a lower price that their security options are any less impressive than others. It’s important to find reviews of different providers because that is how you’ll determine whether your choice is credible or not.

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Choosing a web hosting provider with excellent support is crucial. Not only do they have to be professional and compliant, but also available around the clock. The bigger your business grows, the more clients you’ll get and the more the load on your website will be. Even if the provider is good, malfunctions can happen and you might find the site failing to load at times. This is why it’s imperative that your choice of hosts has an available customer service around the clock so that they could find the problem and fix it as soon as possible before it affects your business. The more the support options the better, from live chat to social media responsiveness and phone numbers. This is crucial because if your site is down for too long, you might lose clients and trust that you’ve worked so hard to build over time.


Money isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t select cheap providers just because they’re cheap, true. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t weigh your options and select what works best for you. If you checked reviews on different providers, and found several ones that suit your needs and are reliable and of quality enough, next you should compare their prices to find out which works best for your budget.

Long term planning

A business starting out might think it wise to save money when it comes to the web hosting provider, but that is the biggest mistake they could make. Have the vision and the insight to invest in a strong service provider that will give your business the trust and credibility it needs to grow. That is long term planning that will reflect on your brand’s reputation in the future, and as a result your profits as well.