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As Salesforce is a growing platform in terms of customer relationship management as well as sales, Salesforce administrators are also in high demand. However, just like in any fast-changing career field, it is essential for the Salesforce admins too to be highly knowledgeable and updated about the latest tool and features to deliver the best outcome to their clients. In this article, we are listing out some valuable insights to Salesforce admins, which may hopefully help them to perform their tasks in a better way. This isn’t an exhaustive list of Salesforce admin tips but will surely set open a pathway to the budding administrators to follow for growth.

Salesforce admin insights

  • Salesforce analytics to gain some amazing benefits

Admins should take some time to learn and practice the analytics features coming packed with Salesforce Cloud.  Once getting into it and start understanding, one may be amazed to see how simple the formula or checkbox fields are and how it can change the meaning of the output you get.

  • There is a lot more on Salesforce over and above just Sales Cloud.

Yes, you heard it right. Try to become accustomed to as much of the features in the Salesforce platform as possible in order to understand its real mightiness. Even if you get limited exposure to Salesforce Cloud based on your work requirement, there is no harm in exploring more and getting certified as you always want to grow in your career as a Salesforce administrator.

  • Don’t be in haste to get certified.

Even though having a certification is highly valuable in your profile and also crucial when it comes to job seeking, you need not have to stress yourself in order to pass the exam simply without really mastering the tools. Take your time and learn everything from the practical point of view and then think of getting certified to strengthen your credentials.

  • Salesforce admins role has a big impact.

When you work as a Salesforce admin in any given organization, first, get to know your exact role and its impact on the organization and the business it runs. Most of the time, it may be much bigger than what you may anticipate. An ideal Salesforce admin should take it as an opportunity to leverage your position and drive in positive changes for your organization to expedite its growth. 

  • Don’t feel intimated when someone dislikes the tool you implemented
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While working on the Salesforce platform or any customer relationship management system, the first things Salesforce admins need to know is never to take it personally when your solution is ripped apart by the beneficiaries. The entire objective is to make the customer happy and the business run, and it’s not a slight against you.

  • Executives may need to maintain a unique communication mode than end-users

The Salesforce admins or otherwise executives may develop a unique mode of communication in order to leverage from such communications and meetings. With such an approach, Salesforce users could probably accomplish a more meaningful and productive outcome.

  • Explore the success community

While working on a comprehensive and customizable platform like Salesforce, you must make use of the huge community around it to find new ideas as well as to learn the best practices. Try to find a reliable and expert user group and join it to gain more insights.

  • Attend Dreamforce

Dreamforce is the best place to access information, learn more things, and to network with experts to expedite your growth.

  • Learn a strategic thinking model

Right from the very beginning of Salesforce administrator, you must learn how to find out the solutions and then further scale it up as the business growth to envision the bigger picture and finally execute it.

  • Don’t wait to vocalize your suggestions and strategies

Along with keeping a close watch of the system and how it works, the Salesforce Administrator needs to speak in every meeting to present your insightful ideas. Be an expert yourself who always deserve a seat at the table. Check Flosum.com to know more

  • Engage in Salesforce groups

It is not just enough to join the Salesforce discussion groups and communities but actively engage in those. Being an introvert at the social spaces, it becomes hard for you to learn quickly or to initiate any task to get further advice on it. Try to engage with your community in a give and take manner. Try to provide some valuable information and feedback to others and also always appreciate their valuable efforts.

  • Ask questions to understand user requirements.
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Even though the framework is the same, it is difficult for an administrator to understand the customization requirement when it comes to configuring and leveraging Salesforce for the best possible outcome. If you are not sure about the actual customer requirement, then try to ask some relevant questions or prepare a standard questionnaire to gather more information.

  • Use sandbox for change management

Sandbox is the safest place for the Salesforce developers and admins to custom build and test. Such temporary sandboxes can be used for everything related to Salesforce development, customization, and everything.

  • Leverage the formula fields

As we have seen in one of the above points, formula fields can be effectively used to prevent any double entry on the related Salesforce records. The formula fields can instantly pull values from similar records and display the data on related records by eradicating the need to need to switch between two records to gather information.

  • Track your Salesforce work

Tracking your work at Salesforce is easy using its personalized dashboard and analytical features. It is always good to make it a practice in order to show the worthiness of your work and the value it adds to the organization.

  • Effective communication is everything.

As we discussed above, communication needs to be streamlined in any Salesforce environment; however, you also cannot over-communicate. Do it is a perfect balance and proper sync in order to enjoy the best benefits of Salesforce communication.

  • Automate things

One by one, you need to try and automate each and every process related to your business and ensure that nothing left untouched. As it is easier and effective to automate on Salesforce, spend some time initially to complete the automation process. Next, you will love how it works in the best interest of you in terms of better business administration.

  • Create videos

No doubt that short videos are the best tool for sales reps to reach to more and more potential customers. You could use the Jing app to create videos for free. 

Along with the above tips, you may also try to activate duplication prevention tools. Another crucial thing to consider is while handling important Salesforce data ensure that the pick-list fields accept only mapped columns to ensure data reliability. 


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