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On the adventurous battleground of Pandora there will be many challenges and feats to overcome which will result in the deaths of enemies and bosses, so you will venture the land in search for loot spread out across Pandora but you cannot carry all of it so you need to know where to sell it. 

There is going to be so much loot that will be clogging up your inventory and you can’t just throw away, that will be no good so you would rather make BL3 money by selling it on reliable and secure websites such as Eldorado.gg.

The Vending Machines

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Selling anything that you gather as loot on Pandora will be only possible through certain vending machines that are available all across the game, there are multiple variants of the vending machines. The vending machine that sells guns is yellow, the one that sells ammunition is green, the one that sells meds is orange and lastly there is a veterans rewards machine also which comes in purple, you will recognize the machines easily and they are distinguished by the $ sign that is displayed when viewing them. 

The Green, Orange and Yellow vending machines can be found on other planets and as well as the Sanctuary so whenever venturing the lands look for these machines to get rid of inventory that you do not require to free up some space for rarer loot. 

Are they gone forever?

The inventory that you get rid off is not to be worried about if you just wanted the money for that time, the machines when acquire your loot they add them onto the menu so you are able to buy them back as well, so if in the case you sell the items to the machine you can immediately buy them back and there is no penalty so you can buy them back at the exact same cost. 

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The game itself will provide a lot of challenges along the way, as when you are venturing the barren wastelands there are a lot enemies that will come along the way that you will pursue with the intent of making money but most of the time when you try to fight these monsters they will usually be of a higher level or they might be just too easy. In both these cases, one outcome would be that if they seem to be of a higher level they may too hard to defeat and in the end you might be coughing up more money than expected and in the other situation if you go back to a character for loot, granted they will be defeated easily but they will throw out either the sometimes the same loot or loot that is not rare enough for you to go through that trouble.

A much better exploit would be to find hidden locations that will serve a better hunting ground and you may able to accumulate the money and buy better gear to fight higher level bosses.