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Video Surveillance Technology Trends

Undoubtedly, 2020 was one of the most unpredictable years, and it has changed the way of dealing with critical business disputes. Social distancing and travel limitations across the globe have hampered the business activities, including the individuals who were involved in the surveillance industry. Below are Most Emerging Video Surveillance Technology Trends in 2021.

So, as we proceed to 2021, now it’s time to develop business security by implementing the latest video surveillance tactics. Over the years, the video surveillance industry has evolved and is still undergoing continual improvement for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. 

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and 4K video resolution, security enhancement has become relatively easier. Moreover, these sorts of security tools are considered one of the effective ways for preventing potential vulnerabilities. When it comes to storing a considerable amount of data and integrated technology competencies, a large number of individuals have been inclined to adapt to these ongoing surveillance trends. 

Additionally, these intelligence surveillance tools come with enhanced media quality, storage capacity, speed, accessibility, accuracy, and better connectivity. When it comes to buying a security system, it’s always important to consider two essential factors — a backup plan and the overall performance that the device provides. Moreover, the system needs to integrate both the hardware and software system for safeguarding the premises of an organisation. 

Undeniably, edge computing and Cloud computing has become an essential part of high-range surveillance systems. You should also consider incorporating real-time pattern recognition in the organisation while enforcing surveillance systems.

Now, let’s proceed with the 6 most important video surveillance technology trends that need utmost consideration in 2021

Amidst this pandemic, the rules and regulations of an organisation have slightly changed. It’s quite evident that when the Coronavirus outbreak is going to end is now completely hard-to-assume. Every entrepreneur should aim to enhance hygiene standards by implementing low or no-contact technologies in the organisation. With the advent of COVID-19, an upsurge in enforcing touchless solutions such as facial recognition access control has seemingly increased.

In video surveillance, particularly implementing solutions, such as license plate recognition, has improved the security level. It can be assumed that these sorts of video surveillance technologies are going to become more prevalent over the years. Minimise the risk of getting physical contact with a person by considering zero or low-contact technologies. As touchless solutions are gradually emerging, the production of AI-enabled security cameras is also increasing. 

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In addition to this, it’s worth mentioning that these sorts of surveillance solutions come with people-counting capabilities. So, you won’t get any hurdle while counting the number of individuals who have entered the organisation or residence. Utilise the parking area’s space and start indulging in installing CCTV cameras for immediate license plate recognition. Simply contact the CCTV installation experts for an immediate installation in the home, warehouse, or workplace.  

  • AI-Integrated Technologies are Better for Crime Detection 

When we are talking about the latest video surveillance technology, including the importance of Artificial Intelligence in this aspect is important. Basically, AI consists of two prime components; Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It’s one of the significant technological innovations that are capable of improving data accuracy and business intelligence. So, in short, it can be stated that you can ensure the employees’ safety and privacy with the incorporation of AI-enabled surveillance systems. 

Moreover, some of the renowned experts have assumed that in 2021, many people might adapt to the Deep Learning technology for bringing accuracy in video surveillance systems. When Deep learning will be integrated with video surveillance, it will eventually speed up investigations by focusing on a specific matter. This year, the implications of AI will take place as it has positively impacted several sectors. Identify even a slight movement or behavioural change of an individual, become aware of the unforeseen incidents with its on-time alert system. 

During 2020-2021, video surveillance device manufacturers have developed a large number of CCTV analytical applications and software. So, download the smartphone’s required applications and detect a potential crime even amid a crowded place. 

  • Cybersecurity Measures has Been Improved 

Undeniably, every small-medium-large scale organisation can come across cybersecurity threats at any point in time. With the help of the Internet Protocol Cameras, accessing organisational activities is not a difficult task for potential cyber attackers. You must be aware of the fact that, without internet accessibility, IP cameras won’t function properly. And, when you impose easy-to-guess passwords in the IP cameras, it can turn into a threat.

Earlier this year, the FBI reported more than 3000 cybersecurity cases every day. These incidents especially take place when the pandemic just started. CCTV hacking is not an issue for the experienced cyberattacker once they recognise the default password. 

So, in 2021, it can be highly expected that the homeowners and the business heads will shift their attention in strengthening the default password. You can also consider hiring cybersecurity experts for preventing vulnerabilities and for implementing the best security practices. Only an expert has immense knowledge about the ways by which you can stay alert when a cyberattacker tries to access the IP cameras.

  • Cloud Technologies should be Prioritized 

Along with deploying the AI solutions, the majority of the individuals have also purchased CCTV cameras that come with cloud storage. Though it’s not a current technological trend, its significance is becoming prominent amidst this pandemic. If you are a tech-savvy person, you must know that Cloud storage is considered the backbone of the latest CCTVs. The users get the opportunity to store an ample amount of data and can remotely access it anytime and anywhere. 

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Moreover, cloud storage data can be shared with anyone easily from a computer or smartphone. Every business owner, irrespective of their business size, can install CCTV cameras that are compatible with cloud computing. In 2020-2021, a large number of users had found out that accelerating their day-to-day operations has become easier. So, if you haven’t yet installed this sort of video surveillance system, opt for buying one. Make sure you have installed it in an accurate place where continuous monitoring is required. 

  • Focus on Environmental Sustainability has Improved

One of the prime concerns amidst this coronavirus outbreak was completely on improving the environmental condition. And, several renowned environmentalists have brought up these issues so that everyone can be aware of the consequences that we might have to face. For better sustainability, a large number of CCTV manufacturers have already started to implement eco-friendly products. 

Well, how long these manufacturers are going to put their effort into using eco-friendly products is still questionable. At the start of 2021, many entrepreneurs have opted for installing sustainable and wire-free security cameras in their outdoor location. This video surveillance technology trend might acquire a significant place in the coming years as well. 

  • Stringent Privacy Laws has Enforced for Controlling the Use of CCTV cameras

Between 2020-2021, many countries have imposed strict privacy laws to control the use of video surveillance technologies. This simply implies that the business owners can now face hurdles while performing essential business operations. Within a year, the video surveillance industry witnessed a rapid expansion. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of CCTV cameras’ usage for the betterment of their business. A large number of enterprises have reopened, and they are also ensuring that their employees are getting adequate security and safety. 

Even when an individual will wear a face mask or PPI kits, a high-range CCTV camera can detect their face. Starting from the retail store owners to multinational companies, everyone has eventually opted for surveillance cameras. It can not only track store occupancy, but the object detection process has also become possible. So, install an advanced CCTV camera to reduce the suspicious activities inside and outside the premise now

Intelligence Surveillance is Going to be a Predominant Factor in 2021 

These current video surveillance trends clearly indicate that there will be extensive usage of artificial intelligence in the coming years. AI video analytics is already going through a lot of improvements for mitigating security purposes. We can expect that when this economic crisis is over, a large number of people will purchase CCTV cameras for safeguarding their business interests. But till then, make sure you have acquired enough knowledge about the latest security trends!


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